No Binance Users Affected in Orion Protocol Hack: CZ

• Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that no Binance users or assets were affected by the Orion Protocol (ORN) $3 million hack.
• Peckshield cybersecurity firm identified the hack, developed a full report from their observation, and sent it to Orion Protocol before making a public announcement on Twitter.
• The hacker launched a reentrancy attack on Orion and withdrew funds from a smart contract severally.

Binance User Protection

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said that no Binance users or assets were affected by the Orion Protocol (ORN) $3 million hack. He further said that the Binance security team monitors the hackers’ addresses.

Orion Protocol Hack

The incident momentarily crippled operations at Orion Protocol as the hacker drained crypto worth a couple of million dollars. The Peckshield cybersecurity firm identified the hack, developed a full report from their observation, and sent it to Orion Protocol before making a public announcement on Twitter. The hacker launched a reentrancy attack on Orion and withdrew funds from a smart contract severally.

PeckShield Report

Peckshiled announced that they paused the protocol by the announcement time. They assured Orion users that the security team had positively identified the root cause and was fixing the bug.

Surge DeFi Response

The tweet attracted response from Surge DeFi, sympathizing with those who incurred losses in the incident and reinstating their commitment to promoting decentralized finance (DeFi) to avoid such incidents in future. DeFi aims to increase safety of crypto investors by investing in less centralized protocols.

Hypernative Comment

CEO of cybersecurity company Hypernative, Gal Sagie, said that the hacker deployed an adding Attack Wagon (ATK) code to exploit vulnerabilities in smart contracts within short timespan of two minutes and gained access to user funds in seconds afterwards

BIT Launches TONcoin Options Trading, Becomes First to Offer Token

• Cryptocurrency exchange BIT has launched TONcoin options trading to its users, making it the first to add TON to its offerings.
• TONcoin is the native token of the Open Network, a protocol intended to connect all blockchains and Web2 internet into a single, open network.
• TONcoin managed to recover in 2022 after a drop amid a relentless crypto winter, and is currently the 26th largest coin by market cap.

Cryptocurrency exchange BIT has announced the launch of TONcoin options trading, making it the first to add TON to its offerings. This will give crypto investors an additional investment instrument, as previously, they were limited to bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). The Seychelles-based full-suite crypto exchange has received support from Darley Technologies and DWF Labs, a veteran in the liquidity provision space and a significant TON backer respectively, to make adding TON to crypto options trading possible.

TONcoin is the native token of The Open Network, a protocol intended to connect all blockchains and the Web2 internet into a single, open network. The team behind Telegram’s encrypted, cross-platform instant messaging service was responsible for initially developing The Open Network. However, since 2020, the TON Foundation has managed it as an open-source community project.

TONcoin registered growth in 2022, managing to recover after a drop amid a relentless crypto winter. At press time, TON is the 26th largest coin by market cap, according to CoinMarketCap. The token’s lowest market capitalization in the last 12 months was $1.01 billion, recorded on July 27, 2022. At that time, the token was selling for $0.8303, its lowest price that year.

The new investment instrument will be available on the Paradigm network in early February. BIT and the TON Foundation have received the support from DWF Labs to make adding TON to crypto options trading possible. DWF Labs previously committed $10 million to support the growth of the TON ecosystem and pledged to support up to 50 TON projects in 2023.

The launch of TONcoin options trading on BIT is expected to increase liquidity and provide investors with a more diverse selection of investment options. This is a significant milestone for the TON ecosystem and could potentially open the door to more widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency in the future.

Injective Labs Launches $150M Ecosystem Fund to Accelerate DeFi Adoption

• Injective Labs has launched a new $150 million ecosystem fund with support from Pantera Capital, Kucoin Ventures, and others.
• The fund aims to foster the adoption of interoperable infrastructure, the Cosmos network, and DeFi in general.
• The fund will focus on making the onboarding process easier for builders within the Injective and the Cosmos ecosystem.

Injective Labs, the superfast interoperable layer-1 distributed ledger technology network that brings Cosmos (ATOM) and Ethereum (ETH) interoperability to finance-focused applications, has announced the successful launch of its $150 million ecosystem fund. This new ecosystem fund, which has received support from notable venture capital firms in the Web3 space such as Pantera Capital, Kraken Ventures, and Kucoin Ventures, seeks to accelerate the adoption of interoperable systems and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The members of this ecosystem fund will support promising projects that use Cosmos to build innovative solutions across various sectors such as trading, scalability, and DeFi. This support will include token and equity investments, mentorship, business development, research, marketing, and more. Injective claims that their blockchain is seeing a significant increase in adoption by builders from other layer-1 networks such as Terra, Solana, and Ethereum.

Eric Chen, co-founder and CEO of Injective Labs, expressed his excitement over the success of the new ecosystem fund, saying that it “will provide unmatched opportunities for builders to rapidly develop and launch innovative solutions without compromising on security or scalability.” He added that the fund “will support developers, projects, and organizations that are building on our network, and it will help them reach their financial and strategic goals.”

The fund will also focus on making the onboarding process easier for builders within the Injective and the Cosmos ecosystem. This will be done through the Injective Global Hackathon, which is a series of virtual hackathons for developers to build and launch products with Injective’s interoperable infrastructure.

Overall, with the launch of the new ecosystem fund, the Injective team is confident that it will foster the adoption of interoperable infrastructure, the Cosmos network, and DeFi in general. It will also provide builders with the resources and support they need to develop and launch innovative solutions.

Peter Schiff spottet über den Plan des MicroStrategy-CEO, “Bitcoin zu Grabe zu tragen”

Der CEO von Euro Pacific Capital und Goldliebhaber Peter Schiff hat sich auf Twitter zu dem jüngsten Interview des MicroStrategy-CEO Michael Saylor über die langfristigen Pläne des Unternehmens in Bezug auf Bitcoin geäußert.

MicroStrategy hofft, Bitcoin “für immer” zu halten

In einem Gespräch mit Bloomberg TV am Freitag, den 30. Juli, bezeichnete Saylor Bitcoin als digitales Eigentum und die Zukunft des Eigentums, das nach seinen Erwartungen in Zukunft von allen Regierungen, Banken, institutionellen und privaten Anlegern gehalten werden wird.

Er sagte, dass MicroStrategy durch den kontinuierlichen Kauf von BTC so viel Bitcoin wie möglich erhalten möchte, da das BTC-Angebot auf 21 Millionen begrenzt ist. Die TOP 3 ▷ Die besten Bitcoin Trading Bots 2021 » seriöse & legale Roboter finden Sie hier.

Auf die Frage des Moderators, ob MicroStrategy sich an die von Saylor angekündigte 10-Jahres-Periode halten oder ihre BTC vielleicht schon früher verkaufen werde, erklärte der Geschäftsführer des Unternehmens, er hoffe, dass MicroStrategy Bitcoin “für immer” halten werde.

Schiff wirft Saylor vor, “völlig verrückt” zu werden

Der Goldfan Peter Schiff hat Michael Saylor in einem Tweet zurechtgewiesen, dass er kaum in der Lage sein wird, “seinen Bitcoin mit ins Grab zu nehmen”.

Als Antwort darauf postete Saylor einen Artikel über Gold, das aus den Gräbern ägyptischer Pharaonen gestohlen wurde, was vielleicht andeutet, dass man Gold auch nach dem Tod nicht aufbewahren kann.

Zahlreiche Bitcoin-Maxis haben auf Twitter mehrfach davon gesprochen, dass sie ihre BTC an ihre Kinder und Enkelkinder weitergeben wollen, und das war ihr Hauptargument, dass sie “noch zu früh dran sind”.

Tesla to soon accept Bitcoin as a means of payment

Tesla now holds Bitcoin as a reserve. Therefore, the company could now accept Bitcoin as a means of payment without having to convert it.

Tesla to accept bitcoin as payment soon

Elon Musk’s company Tesla Motors is following the lead of MicroStrategy and other companies and investing some of its company assets in Bitcoin (BTC).

On Monday, the company filed a notice with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) saying it had purchased a total of US$1.5 billion in Bitcoin. These are to be held as an Crypto Engine investment and store value for its surplus cash. It is currently unknown what the average purchase price was and how many BTC the company bought. Tesla’s investment guidelines were updated at an undisclosed date in January 2021. This suggests that Tesla could hold between 35,900 and 45,500 BTC. That would equate to an average price of US$42,000 or US$33,000. Given the bitcoin price trend in recent weeks, the estimate of around 45,500 BTC is more likely.

Under the policy, Tesla intends to offer its customers the option of buying its products with Bitcoin, according to the document. Unlike other companies, the Bitcoin are not to be liquidated as soon as possible. This means that they form the reserves.

In addition to Bitcoin, Tesla’s new investment policy also allows the purchase of gold bars and gold exchange-traded funds. Famed gold advocate and Bitcoin sceptic Peter Schiff sees this fact as cold comfort. He suspects that Tesla’s BTC investment is already being sold as the market reacts to the news.

Bitcoin hits new all-time high above $43,000: Tesla buys billions in BTC

Shortly before, Elon Musk entered the world of cryptocurrency. After initially owning only about 0.25 BTC given to him by a friend, Musk warmed up to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in the wake of the 2021 bull run.

At one point he referred to himself as the “CEO of Dogecoin” and has recently written about the meme coin. This sparked some criticism from prominent Bitcoin fans who considered it irresponsible. Nevertheless, it seems that Musk’s openness towards Bitcoin has far more tangible consequences than just a change in his Twitter bio.

Webbelangstelling voor Bitcoin verdubbelt die voor goud

Terwijl het debat voortduurt over welke van Bitcoin en goud de voorkeur verdient als opslagplaats van waarde, blijkt uit online gegevens dat de belangstelling voor het kopen van Bitcoin zeer snel toeneemt. Volgens de Canadese cryptobeurs CoinSmart is de belangstelling voor Bitcoin meer dan verdubbeld ten opzichte van goud.

Dit komt overeen met gegevens van Google Trends

Dit komt overeen met gegevens van Google Trends, waaruit duidelijk blijkt dat de belangstelling voor Bitcoin nog maar kort geleden was, aangezien goud al lange tijd de favoriete opslagplaats van waarde is. De piek in de rente vond pas plaats in januari 2021, samenvallend met de stijging van de Bitcoinprijs die deze naar de nieuwe all-time high van meer dan $41k bracht.

Bitcoin heeft de aandacht getrokken van investeerders van buiten de sector. De interesse wordt vooral gedreven door de stijgende waarde van Bitcoin, waardoor velen het zien als een hedge tegen inflatie. Dit is belangrijk geworden nu de Amerikaanse dollar, die vroeger de reservevaluta van de wereld was, blijft depreciëren als gevolg van inflatie.

Het wordt ook wel digitaal goud genoemd vanwege dit gebruik en krijgt de voorkeur vanwege een aantal factoren. Een van deze factoren is de mogelijkheid om het gemakkelijk over de grens mee te nemen, in tegenstelling tot goud, dat veel ruimte vergt om te dragen en te vervoeren. Bitcoin slaat ook niet alleen waarde op, maar verhoogt ook de waarde.

In 2020 steeg de waarde van Bitcoin met meer dan 300%

De goudprijs daarentegen sloot het jaar af met een verandering van -0,03. Hoewel analisten voorspelden dat de prijs in januari 2021 weer zal stijgen, ligt de prestatie tot nu toe dit jaar nog steeds ver onder die van Bitcoin.

Het zou op basis van deze prestatie kunnen zijn dat de strategen van JPMorgan stelden dat goud nog jaren zal lijden onder de aanhoudende groei van Bitcoin. De bank verklaarde dat de adoptie van de cryptocurrency door beleggers nog maar net op gang is gekomen, ook al is er voor miljarden USD aan bedrijfsgeld geïnvesteerd in het digitale activum. Uit verschillende onderzoeken is gebleken dat millennials de voorkeur geven aan Bitcoin als belegging boven goud, dus de trend kan zich in de toekomst inderdaad voortzetten naarmate meer mensen erin beleggen en veel minder beleggers goud aanhouden.

JPMorgan: Preço do bitcoin para atingir $146.000 em longo prazo

Os estrategistas do JPMorgan Chase acreditam que a atual adoção e taxa de investimento que a Bitcoin tem pode potencialmente elevar o preço da moeda a um nível consensual de $50.000 a $100.000.

Analistas do banco de investimento multinacional americano e da empresa de serviços financeiros JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM) deram uma previsão de preço ambiciosa para a Bitcoin (BTC), mas a meta é cobrada a longo prazo. Segundo um relatório da Bloomberg, os analistas, liderados por Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, disseram que o fato de a Bitcoin estar em concorrência direta com o Ouro como uma classe de ativos cria a possibilidade de o preço da moeda criptográfica crescer para $146.000 a longo prazo.

Com a atual capitalização de mercado da Bitcoin fixada em $590 bilhões no momento da redação de acordo com a CoinMarketCap, a principal moeda digital terá que aumentar seu limite de mercado em cerca de 4,6 vezes antes de atingir a meta de preço projetada de $146.000, de acordo com a estimativa dos estrategistas. Eles observaram que a obtenção deste valor depende da convergência da volatilidade da Bitcoin para atender a do Ouro, um processo que eles observaram que levará algum tempo.

“Uma evicção do ouro como moeda ‘alternativa’ implica em uma grande vantagem para a Bitcoin a longo prazo”, escreveram os estrategistas na segunda-feira. Entretanto, “uma convergência nas volatilidades entre o Bitcoin e o ouro é improvável que aconteça rapidamente e é em nossa mente um processo plurianual. Isto implica que a meta teórica de preço de Bitcoin acima de $146.000 deve ser considerada como uma meta de longo prazo e, portanto, uma meta de preço insustentável para este ano”.

O preço-desempenho da Bitcoin particularmente no último trimestre de 2020 e nos primeiros dias de 2021 tem alimentado projeções de preços contínuas de analistas e proponentes da Bitcoin, mas a maioria delas é impulsionada pelos sentimentos de adoção institucional e não se baseia em dados reais analisados. A volatilidade da Bitcoin empurrou a moeda para seu pior fechamento em meses na segunda-feira, quando fechou 17%, mas a moeda está atualmente de volta ao seu surto selvagem com um surto de 4,95% nas últimas 24 horas.

JPMorgan Fala sobre a Sustentabilidade do Preço Atual da Bitcoin

Os estrategistas da JPMorgan Chase & Co acreditam que a atual taxa de adoção e investimento que a Bitcoin está experimentando pode potencialmente levar o preço da moeda a um consenso de preços elevados de $50.000 a $100.000, mas a questão é se este nível de preço tem o suporte necessário para a sustentabilidade. Eles escreveram:

“A valorização e o cenário de posição tornou-se muito mais desafiador para a Bitcoin no início do Ano Novo. Embora não possamos excluir a possibilidade de que a atual mania especulativa se propague empurrando ainda mais o preço da Bitcoin para a região de consenso entre $50.000 e $100.000, acreditamos que tais níveis de preços se mostrariam insustentáveis”.

Cada Bitcoin de acordo com a CoinMarketCap vale atualmente cerca de $31.900 no momento em que é escrito e este preço é caracterizado pelo tipo de volatilidade que pode impulsionar o preço para cima ou para baixo nas próximas horas. Enquanto o tempo dirá se as previsões de empresas como JPMorgan Chase serão atingidas, muitos proponentes da BTC são incansáveis em seu esforço para ajudar a levar a BTC a novas alturas com as pressões de compra.

Bitcoin bereidt zich voor op de 12e verjaardag door $ 33K 7 uur na het breken van $ 30K te breken

Het lijkt erop dat Bitcoin in feeststemming is. Op zaterdag (2 januari) ging Bitcoin, volgens gegevens van TradingView, minder dan zeven uur na het doorbreken van het $ 30K-niveau op Coinbase door het prijsniveau van $ 31.000, $ 32.000 en $ 33,00 als een heet mes door boter.

Momenteel (vanaf 17:24 UTC op 2 januari) wordt Bitcoin verhandeld voor $ 32.467, een stijging van 10,57% in de afgelopen 24 uur en een stijging van 12,24% in 2021

Volgens gegevens van CryptoCompare is de marktkapitalisatie van Bitcoin momenteel ongeveer $ 603 miljard.

Hier zijn een paar interessante Bitcoin-statistieken door crypto- analysebedrijf IntoTheBlock :

John Todaro, Head of Research bij TradeBlock, zegt dat retail FOMO nog niet eens is begonnen:

Een van de vele crypto-analisten die moeite hebben om de krankzinnige prijsactie van vandaag bij te houden, is Michaël van de Poppe:

Scott Melker, een cryptohandelaar bij Texas West Capital, zegt dat het voortdurende vertoon van kracht van Bitcoin laat zien dat institutionele beleggers die de afgelopen maanden Bitcoin hebben gekocht niet gemakkelijk zullen worden losgekoppeld van hun BTC-bezit omdat ze er voor de lange termijn in zitten (in tegenstelling tot particuliere beleggers die in 2018 Bitcoin met te veel hefboomwerking kochten).

En aangezien Bitcoin op zondag (3 januari) zijn 12e verjaardag viert (dwz de verjaardag van de mijnbouw van het genesisblok), lijkt het niet onredelijk om te verwachten dat de sterke rally van Bitcoin wordt verlengd. está a la venta en Coinnounce, compre ahora

Si planea lanzar una startup relacionada con bitcoin, entonces es un nombre de dominio perfecto para usted. El dominio ya está disponible para la venta en Coinnounce. Un nombre de dominio adecuado podría ayudarlo a destacarse entre sus competidores y ayudarlo a llegar a una audiencia más amplia. El nombre de dominio Bitcoin Loophole está garantizado para hacer eso para su negocio relacionado con las criptomonedas. Puede hacer una oferta para comprar el nombre de dominio ahora mismo.

Un nombre de dominio versátil es un nombre de dominio versátil para su puesta en marcha relacionada con la criptomoneda . El nombre de dominio podría usarse para muchos servicios relacionados con las criptomonedas, como una plataforma de publicidad, una empresa de marketing, un servicio de pago por clic, una aplicación de bitcoin, una aplicación de criptografía y muchos otros servicios similares. es un nombre de dominio descriptivo que está garantizado para atraer a una gama más amplia de visitantes a su plataforma desde diferentes áreas geográficas. El nombre de dominio ahora está disponible para que lo compre para su plataforma relacionada con la criptomoneda. Un nombre de dominio versátil se considera importante ya que podría usarse para diferentes tipos de negocios.

Amplíe su alcance utilizando un nombre de dominio adecuado

Un nombre de dominio adecuado para su negocio podría expandir el alcance de su empresa muchas veces en poco tiempo. Un nombre de dominio como podría ayudarlo a expandir el alcance de su empresa de cifrado a una gama más amplia de visitantes. El nombre de dominio también es un nombre de marca para su negocio relacionado con las criptomonedas. La industria de las criptomonedas ha recorrido un largo camino desde el inicio de bitcoin hace casi una década, y continúa creciendo a una velocidad impresionante. Si está ingresando a la industria de la criptografía en este momento y está buscando un nombre de dominio para su sitio web, es un nombre de dominio perfecto.

Por qué el nombre de dominio es importante para su inicio:

Seleccionar un nombre de dominio para su empresa puede ser un proceso complicado, y crear un nombre original que aún no se haya tomado es una tarea aún más imposible. Sin embargo, elegir un nombre de dominio perfecto sigue siendo una tarea muy importante. En lugar de navegar entre cientos de nombres de dominio, puede elegir un nombre de dominio como ahora mismo para ayudar a impulsar su negocio y llevarlo a nuevas alturas. Un nombre de dominio podría jugar un papel muy importante en el éxito de su negocio. Un nombre de dominio podría eventualmente decidir el destino de su empresa y no puede equivocarse con un nombre de dominio como

The top 6 Bitcoin price predictions for the coming year 2021

That the Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 – $ 200,000 in the next 12 months is a fairly common, if not “conservative” prediction. But if these are already being labeled as conservative, which price targets are more realistic?

While one is undoubtedly “in for the technology,” the most popular and hotly debated topic remains the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and speculation about its future value.

Bitcoin price is currently in a bull market cycle, up over 200% since the beginning of the year and outperforming pretty much everything else in 2020, with the exception of a few stocks like Tesla. But this rally seems to be different from the one from the end of 2017. On the one hand, the all-time high has definitely been broken and, on the other hand, it is primarily institutional traders who are accumulating, while the public is still largely sitting on the sidelines and watching.

A flood of money and credit plays into the hands of BTC

Six-digit price forecasts for Bitcoin are becoming increasingly common in this bull cycle, with central banks’ accelerated monetary expansion being the main driver for such assumptions.

In fact, billionaires and long-established investors like Ray Dalio are starting to warm to the idea of ​​Bitcoin alongside gold. BTC is increasingly perceived as an opportunity to diversify against what Ray Dalio calls, for example, “the depreciation of money”. On Reddit , the economist warned readers there with the following words:

“We are in a deluge of money and credit that is raising most asset prices and distributing wealth in a way that the system we believe is normal cannot and is a threat to the value of our money and credit.

Why does that play into the hands of the valuation of BTC? Quite simply, because apart from the fact that Bitcoin was conceived as a deflationary monetary good in the future, the Bitcoin price is mainly measured in dollars. Ray Dalio puts it like this:

Most likely, this tide will not recede, so these assets [like Bitcoin] will not go down when measured in the decreasing value of money. It is important to be well diversified, both in terms of currencies and countries, as well as asset classes.

Will Bitcoin Price Reach $ 100,000- $ 200,000?

Mark Yusko, the CEO of Morgan Creek, believes the Bitcoin price could exceed $ 100,000 over the course of the next year. This estimate reflects the forecast of the popular stock-to-flow (S2F) model, which its creator PlanB says BTC is still on the right track. Last month he repeated that he no longer has any doubt that the Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 by December 2021 due to a “supply shortage”. Last month , he tweeted about this:

People ask if I still believe in my model. To be clear, I have no doubt that Bitcoin S2FX is correct and that Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000-288,000 before December 2021.

Is $ 200,000- $ 300,000 a “conservative” forecast?

The price of BTC has done an insane rally this year with a good 300%. Still, Bitcoin price predictions of around $ 200,000 by the end of 2021 assume that the leading crypto currency will far outperform this successful year. Because in order to achieve this price target, measured against the current price, BTC will have to add a further increase in value of a good 700%. That’s quite a lot!

Nevertheless, this price prediction even seems relatively tame when we compare it with the Bitcoin price predictions of other analysts. For example, popular on-chain analyst Will Woo says he’s seeing more evidence of “hodling” this time around, as well as dwindling supply of BTC on the exchanges as a result of the aforementioned inventory shortage.