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Binance Halts Crypto Debit Cards in Latam, Middle East

• Binance announced the suspension of its crypto debit cards services in Latin America and the Middle East starting August 25th.
• Affected users can utilize the card until September 21st, but Binance accounts globally remain unaffected.
• The company has not clarified why it decided to terminate its crypto card services in these regions.

Binance Suspends Crypto Debit Card Services

Binance announced that it will suspend its crypto debit card services in Latin America and the Middle East starting August 25th. Crypto debit cards allow users to make purchases using their cryptocurrency assets. Affected users can still use their cards until September 21st, but all Binance accounts will remain unaffected by this change.

Reasons Unknown

The company has not yet clarified why they chose to terminate their crypto card services in these regions. However, they did mention that less than 1% of users were affected by this decision.

Alternative Solutions

As an alternative solution for those affected, Binance suggested their contactless and secure cryptocurrency payment solution, Binance Pay as an option for making daily expenses with crypto assets instead of using a debit card.

Previous Partnership

In April 2020, Binance launched its crypto-backed debit cards as a way to connect users and businesses worldwide. The main aim of the cards was to simplify payments with cryptocurrencies on a global scale.


Although there is no clear reason as to why Binance suspended its crypto debit card service in Latin America and the Middle East, affected users have been given more than one month notice before it comes into effect on August 25th this year. As an alternative solution, customers have been offered access to Binance’s secure cryptocurrency payment system called “Binance Pay”.