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Blockchain has had a large increase in female users

From the beginning in the use of cryptography and Blockchain, it is believed that this is exclusive to men. However, a report by CoinMarketCap last April states that the opposite is true. According to the figures, Blockchain has had a large increase in female users, with a growing percentage of 43.24% in the first quarter of 2020.

This is according to a study last December by traced the bitcoin transactions, cryptocurrency purchasing feature, already sprung up, planning to relocate, south burlington, vermont, published patent filing, being made obsolete, first announced bakkt, winklevoss bitcoin trust, in may of last year, fund operator Grayscale, which shows that 43% of investors interested in the BTC are women.

Why is this the case? Because, as global financial conditions tighten, many people are looking to invest in gold, real estate and crypto assets. In addition, it is assumed that women tend to be more pessimistic than men about the global economy, which determines the increase of female users in the use of Blockchain.

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Women trust Blockchain more
For many people, cryptomonies are a promising investment and this is the case for many women. Nisa Amoils, a Blockchain entrepreneur, points out that the attraction of the blockchain is the investment opportunities in the market. She says women are increasingly interested in digital money.

“Women can get more income through trade, investment and virtual spending from Bitcoin. And the token economy can democratize access to capital through, for example, security token offerings.

In addition, many trading platforms have already seen an increase in demand for crypto-currency. At the same time, Bitcoin has doubled in value in the last two months, causing a stir around crypto-currencies.

In this scenario, women have been as competent as men. In particular, according to Grayscale, 49.8 percent of women predicted that the limited issuance of Bitcoin would lead to price growth in the future.

Therefore, the price growth of Bitcoin, as well as the attractiveness of investing digital money in general, has contributed to increasing the number of women in crypto exchanges.

A new alternative to traditional values

Vincent Poon, Vice President of Bithumb explains that: “Women tend to be less reserved when it comes to investing Bitcoin due to the technical side and volatility. I think they are just trying to diversify or hedge the portfolio and are starting to see Bitcoin as an alternative investment. Because of the loss of confidence in traditional stocks or in the economy as a whole during the pandemic.

Lately, the number of female users has increased between 22% and 160% on major cryptographic trading platforms since the beginning of the year.

Alexander Kravets, CEO of, shared the latest statistics “As part of our overall user base. has seen a 26.86% growth in the female user segment from Q1 to Q2 2020”.

Also, Maria Stankevich, head of business development at EXMO, said the biggest growth was in the number of women between 18-24 and 35-44 years old. “We noticed that sometimes the other members of the VIP trading family started to trade. It’s probably related to the fact that they want to acquire new skills.

Similarly, UK-based CoinCorner revealed that the proportion of women among its users is now 14.7%, with a 47% increase in female registrations in the first quarter of 2020.

Finally, Bitfinex notes this increase in female users with a record growth rate of 162% so far this year, determining the strong interest in Blockchain and cryptography.