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Three women nominated for the Binance Awards are banned from Instagram

Rachel Siegel, also known as, CryptoFinally, was recently the only woman nominated for the Binance Influencer Awards. She and two other crypto influencers claim to have been unfairly expelled from Instagram after criticizing the lack of representation of women in the Blockchain industry. The other women allegedly affected are TechWithCatalina and GirlGoneCrypto.

Questioning the “status”

Siegel told Cointelegraph that she has always been very vocal about the lack of representation of women in the crypto coin industry. She noted that of the 25 nominees for the award, she is the only woman:

“I’ve been very vocal about the fact that there is a gender disparity in the crypto coin community and people are not happy with that. They have never been happy talking about feminist values. So, what we know is that the people who were eliminated were, me, GirlGoneCrypto , and TechWithCatalina.
The latter was the only woman nominated for the Spanish Binance Awards. Both women are known to be collaborating with Siegel.

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It is possible that Instagram users who disagreed, or felt threatened by calls for inclusion, reported the trio to Instagram, either individually or as a joint effort. Once enough users report a user, their account generally tends to be suspended pending a manual review.

Choosing nominees
The nominees for the Binance Influencer Awards were apparently determined by both the community and the Binance team. The community vote carried 60% of the weight and the Binance team represented the remaining 40%.

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Cointegraph contacted Binance for further comments, but did not receive a response by the time of this publication.